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Photographer Kristina Fazinić never ceases to delight and thrill with her amazing Bags by Kristina, famous for the photographs with Dalmatian motifs on them. All the bags are handmade, they are made of finest genuine leather and they are meant to be your life long accessories. 

Her charming approach to photography, which appear on her bags in a totally unexpected context, makes her bags unique and timeless. 

Her favourite motifs are the sea and stones. Besides, aware of numerous beautiful but little-known and unexplored little corners of Croatia, she tries to uncover them and save them from oblivion.


Bags by Kristina are special not only because of their interesting design, but they are also very practical; they could be carried in several ways.


These bags have already started their journey round the world, as well as the beautiful photographs which left the island where they were taken and found new homes and became parts of people’s lives.